Ghoomar Veena - Original Rajasthani Traditional Ghoomar Dance

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    06-16-2016 05:13

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    Song : Ghoomar ( World Famous Rajasthani Traditional Ghoomar Dance Song ) Ghoomar Dance is Ranked No.4 in Top 10 Amazing Local Dance ranking around the world and Veena Music is the Original Promoter of this Dance Form. Ghoomar, Rajasthan, India : This folk dance of Western India (Rajasthan) is not just a display of rhythmic talent; its graceful performance in conjunction with the twirling of colorful, long-flowing skirts elevates its aesthetic appeal. While the dancers are only veiled women spinning around the room, occasionally snapping or clapping, both men and women are expected to sing together. Like so many folk dances, ghoomar is usually performed during special occasions to worship religious deities Link .: